GE sending some turbine work to Poland; will cut some local jobs

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GE sending some turbine work to Poland; will cut some local jobs

SCHENECTADY (WRGB) One of the biggest employers in the Electric City will outsource some work overseas. That will cost dozens of jobs at their Schenectady plant. General Electric says that some work will be sent to a facility in Poland, and that means that will get rid of 45 jobs at their Schenectady plant. The union representing the workers wishes that the work could be done here in the United States, especially during a pandemic.

Tell GE: Reinvest in American Jobs and Help Save our Planet

As an industry leader, GE has an opportunity to build a better future for our communities, and our planet. Our future cannot be secure until it is sustainable. By harnessing our natural resources and the economy of tomorrow through clean wind energy, GE can catalyze the creation of tens of thousands of good, clean, green jobs right here in America.

GE’s business model is increasingly over-reliant on outsourcing, and the impact on our environment is dire.

In Schenectady at the GE power plant, the highly skilled workforce builds turbines that power our national electric grid. The workers in Schenectady stand ready to join in green manufacturing production as well - building the wind turbines for the future of our green economy. This is a good example of how the company can re-imagine their products while also reinvesting in green jobs for our communities and the planet. GE manufacturing must include a healthy mix of traditional power and steam turbines as well as green manufacturing that minimizes impact on the environment.

GE has a unique opportunity to save American jobs AND help save the planet.

Tell GE executives: Invest in American Jobs, and Help Save Our Planet.